elbstolz coffee liqueur & filter coffee

elbstolz coffee liqueur - the spirit of Hamburg

Coffee liqueur with 20% vol. and 100% enjoyment

Our elbstolz coffee liqueur lets you see liqueur with different eyes - or taste it with a different palate. Less sweet and yet pleasantly creamy. "Only" 20% vol. and yet well-balanced and full of character. 

Made with real cold brew coffee from el rojito e. V. and refined with the zest of ripe organic oranges.

Special Hamburg souvenir: hand-crafted coffee liqueur made in Hamburg

elbstolz "Fair Cup" organic coffee from solidarity-based trade

Organic cultivation +
solidarity-based trade = Hanseatic delight

We believe coffee should not be enjoyed on the backs of others. That's why we chose coffee from el rojito e. V.

Coffee liqueur and organic highland coffee: a brilliant duo

elbstolz coffee and coffee liqueur on the counter of the souvenir store in Hamburg Altona

In cooperation with el rojito e. V.