Buy skin tones pencils in Hamburg-Altona

Buy skin color pencils and skin color wax crayons in Hamburg-Ottensen? You can find them at elbstolz...

Colored pencils in skin colors - for more diversity in kindergarten, school and children's rooms

Do you remember this from your childhood?

"Give me the colour of your skin!"

- "Which one? Pink, beige or brown?"

Hand on heart: the world is more colourful than that. And that's a good thing! And so it is also good that there are skin colour crayons and skin colour wax crayons available today.

We are pleased to be able to offer these in our shop in Ottensen. Not only can your children draw lots of beautiful pictures with them. These crayons also do good: because 100% of the manufacturer's proceeds go to charitable projects for diversity, tolerance and peaceful coexistence.

In this sense: Let's paint the world, wide wide, as we like it - with crayons and wax crayons in various skin colours!

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Hautfarben-Buntstifte in Hamburg-Altona: zu kaufen im Geschenkeladen elbstolz in Ottensen
Hautfarben-Wachsmalstifte in Hamburg-Altona kaufen? Im Geschenkeladen elbstolz in Ottensen!

Skin colour wax painters - for creative picture worlds that are as colourful as the real world

Hooray! There are not only crayons in skin colours, but also corresponding wax crayons. You can get them in our shop in Hamburg Ottensen as well as in the elbstolz online shop.

The pack contains 8 wax crayons - and here too: 100% of the proceeds from the manufacturer are donated.

Skin-coloured wax crayons promote creativity, diversity and tolerance. We think that's great! 

What about you?

Skin colour pencils & wax crayons: so that all children can feel seen and express themselves!

We believe that every person, no matter what ethnicity or skin colour, has a right to be noticed in the world and to express themselves as an individual. The question of the right pencil for her skin colour has preoccupied her since she was a child. Pink, beige, light brown, dark brown? How nice that human diversity can now also be easily expressed in painting. The skin colour crayons and skin colour wax painters make it possible. Moreover, they sensitise everyone to the fact that humanity cannot be represented by skin colour terms like black, white, red or yellow. What's more, when it comes to creativity, you can't get too colourful, can you?