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Jessica & Daniel

We are elbstolz

Hi! We are Jessica and Daniel, a native of Hamburg and a Hamburg resident for many years (aka "Quiddje"), who consider themselves lucky to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world...

We were on our way to an evening of cocktails with friends when our gaze swept from Davidstrasse across the gleaming harbor and Armor's arrow struck us once more. We looked at each other and thought:

"How awesome that we get to call this our home!"

When we see Hamburg, we see a warm and cosmopolitan city that can truly be proud of itself. At least we are. And we invite you to celebrate the pearl on the Elbe with us - with pride, but without airs and graces, with open eyes and open arms!

Why "elbstolz"?

Isn't Hamburg awesome?! (In German: "hammageil")

The view of the Elbe and the harbour, the Alster, the Fleete, the city park and the Elbe beach, lots of greenery, art and music culture, HSV and FCSP, various internationally successful athletes, a number of great sports events, the Floras, the Elphi ...

But perhaps the most important foundation of our city are the many cosmopolitan people! They are our makers of Hamburg-the-hottest-city-in-the-world!

With our products, we want to make their lives a little more beautiful here and there - with sustainable clothes, accessories and gift ideas.

elbstolz owner Jessica smiling and leaning over the counter of her gift ans souvenir shop in Hamburg Ottensen
elbstolz co-owner Daniel standing in his gift shop and souvenir store with a baby bib around his neck, making a funny face.

Our idea of "Stolz" (pride)

There are people who are mighty proud of their country and think they are better. We don't believe in that.

We'd rather be proud of our "Pearl" on the Elbe and shake hands with the world to say hello.

Let's enjoy Hamburg together! It doesn’t matter whether you are a native or a resident of Hamburg, a tourist or a student, a newcomer or a refugee – the city belongs to all of us. And she deserves a celebration!

Join us!