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Special Souvenirs from Hamburg – 
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elbstolz is the great feeling of living in the most beautiful city in the world. elbstolz is local patriotism paired with cosmopolitanism. Because: For true Hamburgers, love of their homeland and friendliness to foreigners always go hand in hand. And because it's nicer to share your happiness than to keep it to yourself, we support social projects in our beautiful city – both with donations from our earnings and with our time and personal commitment. Live and let live. Give and take – always in balance.

That would be ideal, wouldn't it?

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elbstolz - a homage to the most beautiful city in the world, a plea for cosmopolitan love of home and a gift shop for beautiful things - from sustainable clothes to handicrafts, from special gift ideas and souvenirs to Hamburg-made spirits.

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Our Product Worlds

"Half speed ahead":
for more awareness in consumption

We believe that consumption should be sensible, conscious and, if possible, should not harm anyone – neither the environment nor the people involved in production.

Ideally, your purchase from us supports the manufacturers directly - because the products are fairly traded or manufactured under fair conditions. These considerations have a major impact on our range.

Hanseatic, sustainable, unique – our three core product principles

We offer various of our own products that are exclusively available from us - as gifts or souvenirs. In addition, you will find products from various brands that either come from the Hanseatic city, are about it or match our values. In our own creative workshop, unique artistic pieces are created again and again.

Come by and let yourself be inspired! We look forward to getting to know you and the neighborhood better.


Here you will find some impressions from our range of maritime gift ideas, Hamburg souvenirs, luxury goods and sustainable clothing. Actual products may vary over time. In addition, there will always be unique items and (limited) small series, so that you can always discover something new.

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Inspiration for Gift Ideas

Apologies to all who don't speak German: We don't have the time to translate our blog.

Geschenkidee aus Hamburg: Bonschen-Glas mit lasergraviertem Holzdeckel

Drinnen 18 superleckere Bonbons mit leichtem Zitronengeschmack, draußen solides, langlebiges Glas und ein maritim gravierter Holzdeckel – auf Wunsch auch mit eigenem/personalisiertem Motiv.