"HHeartily" Hamburg souvenirs: special gifts to take home from your vacation

Gift ideas, delicious souvenirs and souvenirs from Hamburg

Souvenirs with a HHeart: Give the spirit of Hamburg as a gift - as a liqueur, clothes or accessories

When you visit Hamburg, you have a lot of beautiful things to discover. If you want to take a piece of it home with you or bring it to a loved one, then you will definitely find one or the other special souvenir or gift with us in Hamburg-Ottensen.

In addition to our very own maritime gift items, we also have a coffee liqueur produced in Hamburg, manufactory chocolate and various items of clothing. We even have lovingly designed soaps in a maritime shape on offer.

Close-up of the souvenir shop window in Hamburg Altona/Ottensen

Little things in small series: special Hamburg souvenirs

Our accessories for the home are made in small series in our studio; each one unique.

Whether laser-engraved drink coasters made of slate or glasses with a refined wooden lid - these souvenirs from Hamburg are not only decorative, but also practical. This is how the Hamburg holiday lives on at home. A great souvenir from Hamburg that you won't find anywhere else.

Also great as a gift or souvenir: natural soaps from Hamburg in various maritime shapes that look great and smell pleasantly unobtrusive!

Loving handwork for the little ones? Our woolly animals from Hamburg-Finkenwerder inspire the whole family - from the Hanseatic walrus to dazzling seahorses, cute turtles and the alpaca. Everything is washable and processed to a high standard by a friend of the house.

elbstolz coffee liqueur and fair organic coffee

Hanseatic spirits as an enjoyable Hamburg souvenir

If you want to take a bit of the spirit of the Hanseatic city with you after your Hamburg vacation and share it with your loved ones at home, you've come to the right place.

Our elbstolz coffee liqueur was created by the award-winning gin makers from Hamburg-Zanzibar. (Thank you, Yuka & Hauke!)

Solidarity traded organic coffee from el rojito e. V. and organic orange zest form the basis for its great coffee aroma with a touch of the exotic.

A witty souvenir from Hamburg: the best gin in the world - made in Hamburg

Multiple awards and a pleasure for gin enthusiasts and gin beginners at the same time: take a sip of Hamburg home with you as a drinkable souvenir.

World Gin Award winner Tumeric No. 1 and Tumeric Raw with a special turmeric note are also available in our store.

An original Hanseatic Aquavit from Stadtrand & Co. is also available.

Award-winning Hamburg gin

Maritime cups, glasses, soaps & more

Little present ahoy! Individual souvenirs with special Hamburg charm.

Would you like to take a little something with you from Hamburg? Then come by for a visit! We have many small, lovingly designed souvenirs, gift ideas and souvenirs from Hamburg.

From cooking spoons with an anchor engraving to soaps in maritime shapes to enamel mugs and cute little fridge magnets.

Sustainable t-shirts, hoodies & hats with maritime motifs

Hamburg looks good on you! Discover our sustainable clothes with Hanseatic and maritime motifs.

We have nice things to wear for the whole family. From baby body or scarf to beanie hat, from T-shirt to fluffy hoodie to practical gym bag.

Everything from fair and sustainable production, finished in Hamburg - partly in our own creative workshop in Hamburg-Ottensen.

Sustainable textiles
for all ages